April 14, 2021

Time for one more Facebook Check……


The rumors are true. Colleges DO check your Facebook page.  Maybe a few don’t.  But you need to assume all of yours do.   In fact, U.S. News andWorld Report found that a large number of college admissions officers use Facebook to get a sense of a student, especially before an interview. 

According to 2011 survey by Kaplan Test Prep “24 percent of admissions officers report using Facebook or other social networking pages to research an applicant”….up from 10 percent in 2008.   And it doesn’t take a college degree to understand that status updates about (underage?) drinking or ‘other’ (a-hem) activities, especially when expressed in salty language, “negatively impacted a prospective student’s admissions chances.”

Who’s Looking?

And it’s not just the admissions committee checking you out.  Here’s the “Best Case”:    

  •    ·      Potential employers
  •    ·      That teacher you asked to write a recommendation
  •    ·      Scholarship committees
  •    ·      Future college Roommates and Classmates
  •    ·      Future RA (Resident Advisor)

What about the “Worst Case? 

  •   ·      All of the above PLUS….
  •   ·      Campus Police (if you give them a reason)
  •   ·      University judicial board

The Pro-Active Applicant

But here’s a new twist.  NBC reports on another Kaplan survey which revealed that: 

80% of college admissions officers or a colleague in their admissions office had received a Facebook friend request from at least one applicant — an increase from 71% in our 2009 survey.  This would imply that applicants are at least open to admissions officers checking them out and it shows that students are indeed driving this kind of new communication.

And it seems that many university profs and staff are receptive, even like connecting to students. 

So take one more look and remove “those photos”.  If you aren’t entirely sure what qualifies, check THIS out.  

Then highlight some of your prouder moments for all your  friends – and future friends, teachers, mentors, employers, and roommates – to see.



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