April 14, 2021

Grammar Again



Yes, you know this.  Somewhere up there between your ears is a rule that you just can’t quite get to……

So in the meanwhile, you can find that quick answer here.  I’m starting my list of the most common grammatical errors I see on those college essays.  I’ll keep adding to the list so check back whenever you just can’t quite remember that past pluperfect participle of …

Who – That – Which are  NOT interchangeable.  Really.  Which do you use when?  Who / That / Which

PREPOSITIONS are those LITTLE words that tell us WHERE and WHEN                   

Prepositions are always followed by a NOUN (or pronoun or noun phrase or gerund) and,

YES, in informal writing it is okay to end a sentence with a preposition.  

These preposition are a lot to keep up with.

Just don’t add an unnecessary preposition at the end of sentence: Where is he at?   (OUCH!!!)

       Instead, keep it simple:  Where is he?

There you go.  Consider yourself “Prepped”.  


RUN ON SENTENCES are a common problem in college essays they can be the result of fast thinking and careless proofing they make me kind of breathless when I read them.  Slapping a period in the middle isn’t always the right way to go you have some choices about how to fix them once you think about the tone you want to set think about the rhythm of your words, too.  ahhhhhhhhhhh!  (Just catching my breath.)   Here’s the low-down on run-on from one of my favorite go-to gals….. Grammer Girl.