May 7, 2021

Summer Vacay and College App Essays

Friends at Beach

Hi Soon-to-be-Seniors,

Happy Last High School July! 

That’s a big deal.  Next year at this time you will be a Graduate, getting ready to begin your college experience, taking on even more of the responsibilities and freedoms of your adult life. 

If you have been planning to get a jump on college applications this summer, it might be starting to feel like a big cloud on your summer that seems to get bigger every day.  But you can get on top of it by doing 2 things.

Thing 1

Spend an hour and make a Time Map for your applications.  Basically, this is a list of your schools, in the order of their application due date, soonest to last, with all essay prompts next to each.  Many of the college planner programs do this for you.  If you don’t have access to one of those, just Google the info and then copy and paste. Many schools will post their essays by August but a lot of them can be found on their websites right now — including UC’s and the Common App.  

Once you have this you will always know where you are with all your applications, what’s the next writing you have to do, and where the pileups are.  It will help you to work this into your life once school starts.  It will also show you where one essay might work for more than one school.  At a glance! 

Thing 2

Write your essay in 10 minutes*.  That’s a LITTLE bit of an exaggeration, but not much.  It’s a great writing trick that I’ve used for many years and it REALLY works.  It can help you get the ideas out of your head and on the page – which is the hardest part of any writing. 

Think of it.  By the time school starts you’ll be mostly in the polish stage.  And you will still have had plenty of time for job, 😎 beach, family and friends.

If you want to try the 10-minute essay*, or if you have other questions, just click the link.




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