April 14, 2021

College Essay Writing Zen

If you look online for help with your college application essays, you’ll find plenty, some more helpful than others.  This admissions advice for those applying to Yale University is at the top of my list! 

What makes it so great?  First, it’s an excellent recap of all the points that trip up students the most. Second, its a nicely done video featuring an experienced member of Yale’s admissions team.  5 minutes and completely worth it!   Have a look… 

Yale University – Putting Together Your Application Essay



  1. It depends quite a bit on the type of shcool you’re applying to and whether or not you’re on the verge of being admitted or not.When I have reviewed college applications, the admissions essay had much more to do with the amount of merit-based financial aid a student was awarded than whether or not they got in.If you’re applying to a large state university, it’s not uncommon for you to be admitted without an admissions official to cast a passing glance at your essay and then admit you on the basis of your GPA and test scores.If you’re on the bubble, your essay might be more important.Also, if you’re applying to a more selective private shcool where most applicants have similarly high GPAs and test scores, the deciding vote might be your application essay.Practically speaking, though, the admissions essay matters much less than more tangible indicators of future success such as GPA and to a greater degree standardized test scores. Was this answer helpful?

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